You are on this page because you are probably looking for something like "candida crusher scam/review" or if "eric bakker is a scam" or any of that related stuff. This page is dedicated to answer all your questions if you doubt who Eric Bakker is. I have divided the article into different sections:

  1. Is Candida Crusher A Scam?
  2. Who is Eric Bakker?
  3. Why is Candida Crusher More Expensive Than Other Candida Books?
  4. The Candida Crusher The Truth - NOT SCAM!

Again this page is all my opinion, however I would suggest that you do your own due diligence based on my experience, because none of the other so called candida treatment books by so called experts have the following:

  • Real Names
  • Real Address
  • Phone Number To Contact
  • Contact Form To Reach Them
  • Their Picture
  • Videos by Them
  • Linkedin Profile
  • Twitter Profile

And in this case I have done every possible check on Eric Bakker and he is everywhere, his published work on various top health sites, he was even featured on National Geographic, he is the leading candida expert that answers every question on Cure Zone Forum, has made 1000s of You Tube videos answering candida questions. In fact, Eric Bakker is real face behind a real book.

Candida Crusher a Scam?

You will find very little information about Candida yeast infections in the mainstream medical community. While mainstream medicine acknowledges the existence of Candida albicans, the yeast organism itself, most people remain most focused on the acute occurrences like the female vaginal yeast infection, athlete's foot, oral thrush, yeast infection diaper rashes, ringworm, and other similar fungal skin infections.

The Harsh Reality

The reality of the situation is that the Candida albicans organism can have far-reaching impacts on the human body – much more damaging and concerning to your health than an acute infection that can be cured with an OTC cream. Those who have had major lifestyle changes, who frequently take antibiotics, or who have taken other hormone-altering drugs are at a greater risk for developing chronic or systemic Candidiasis – an overgrowth within the body.

The Candida Crusher Miracle

At the end of the day, there are countless diet plans out there claiming to “cure” Candida. Very medical practitioners or naturopathic physicians who have put 25 years into actually researching the disease offer few of them. Unlike many other e-books, which claim to be the only way to curing candida, books that are copied versions of other books, Candida Crusher book is certainly NOT a scam.

Candida Crusher was written by Dr. Eric Bakker, a naturopathic physician who has been studying Candida for more than 20 years, his book uncovers original information about Candida you'll never find on any other website nor in any other e-book on yeast infection available.

The Candida Crusher program is broken into 5 simple steps. First you starve the Candida overgrowth within your body. Then you'll kill it off, with the support of immune boosting supplements and antifungals. You'll stop using drugs or eating foods that promote the growth of yeast in the body and start to consume special foods that help to eliminate Candida from your body. You will learn how to boost your immune system. While you're healing your body, you'll take a much closer look at your lifestyle to determine what changes are necessary to keep your immune system powered up and prevent a yeast infection from ever occurring again.

Once you are feeling better, it is important for chemicals and toxins need to be cleansed from your system. Finally, you will carefully assess your environment to ensure that you are not exposing yourself to too many molds or toxins.

The diet is not unlike so many others out there, but Dr. Bakker offers a unique program based on what works and what doesn’t work after treating an amazing 15,000 patients with many different kinds of yeast infections in his clinic. He breaks every step down completely, offering research and scientific data to support his claims about Candida and how it impacts your health.

Forget those fake authors hiding behind all those pretty pictures claiming to be “experts”, have you found any other evidence of their existence apart from their website? That’s because they are not real people.

Dr. Bakker's History with Candida Who is Dr. Eric Bakker ND? Dr. Eric Bakker, ND, is a naturopathic physician who operates his own clinic, The Naturopaths, in New Zealand. He has spent the past 25 years of his career mainly focused on the treatment of Candida yeast infections in men, women, and children alike.

Dr. Bakker didn't randomly choose to study Candida. His interest in the organism and the impact it has on human health started in his mid-20's when he himself suffered from an overgrowth. He spent over 18 months treating his own condition and then worked to help his own father treat what appeared to be a lifelong case as well. His fate was sealed. In the early 90's, he started researching Candida, devouring as much information as possible on the topic. As a result of his extensive research and clinical focus, he has been able to transform his integrative naturopathic clinic into one of the most experienced Candida treatment clinics in the world. Dr. Bakker has used his extensive research and clinical trials to create the Candida Crusher book, which clearly outlines Candida, shares 25 different case studies, and offers an incredible amount of highly specialized information aimed at helping those with acute of chronic yeast infections overcome their candida yeast infection quickly and permanently.

The creators of ANY other Candida books available online can never boast of such wide experience, and can never lay claim to having their book written by a Naturopathic Doctor who has treated 15,000 patients with Candida yeast infections, yet these fake authors claim to have the “ultimate Candida diet”, or even claim to be the “world’s leading expert” in yeast infections. When in fact the reality is that they have NEVER been in clinical practice or even seen one single yeast infection patient!

You will need to do your own online research to see that they are hiding behind fake claims with an inferior product, information copied from other sources. So before you part with your hard-earned money and want to buy the ultimate Candida yeast infection e-book, have a look at DR. Eric Bakker’s online presence. He is a real person, highly experienced in the area of Candida yeast infections and certainly NO fake. You will also find that many of these unscrupulous operators in fact use Dr. Bakker’s information for their own gain when it comes to Google.

What are Dr. Bakker's Credentials?

Eric Bakker isn't like most of the other people trying to falsely tout “Candida cures” on the web. He has a strong medical background to back up his research and treatment plans. He has a Bachelor Degree in Science where he majored in Complementary Health Care. He also went on to obtain separate qualifications and degrees in Herbal Medicine, Homeopathic medicine, and Naturopathic medicine. While not recognized as a medical doctor, Dr. Bakker is a Naturopath and in the USA, he would be recognized as a naturopathic doctor.

To further his studies, Dr. Bakker has completed post-graduate work in America, New Zealand, India, and Australia. As a testament to his dedication to his field of study, Dr. Bakker is also a member of two professional associations – the NZ Society of Naturopaths and the NZ Natural Medicine Association, of which he is past Vice-President.

Dr. Bakker's list of qualifications and credentials is extensive and he's certainly an authority when it comes to the treatment of Candida. Visit him at the Ask Dr Eric Bakker forum on Curezone and he'll answer any question you have about Candida, too!

Nothing To Hide

Eric Bakker has nothing to hide and he is very transparent, you can find him on:

Twitter - Great activity.


LinkedIn (300+ connections with doctors and physicians)


YouTube (Something you will not find anyone else doing, Dr. Eric Bakker has 1000s of videos on the topic of candida on his You Tube channel, something which no other Candida yeast infection website has. Why don’t the authors of other online Candida yeast infection books offer this as a free resource to you? Because they are fake, and hide behind a team of foreign operators who ghost-write for them, cheaply, that’s why)

Dr. Eric Bakker – Authority In Natural Medicine - Another thing I want to clarify is that Dr. Eric Bakker has been featured on various newspapers, magazines and popular websites such as Cure Zone, SteadyHealth, KiwiFamilies,, Dr. James Wilson’s Blog (, NationalGeographic, and various other top health blogs. Something you will NOT see from any other candida blogs/experts. They all claim but have in fact zilch to back up their claims. And that’s because they are fake.

Why is Candida Crusher More Expensive Than Other Candida Books?

Let's get this out in the open right away. The Candida Crusher book by Dr. Eric Bakker is one of the best – no, it's the best – book about Candida ever written. It’s about 700+ pages of solid information that took 3 years to research and write. A quick doctor visit will cost you at least $60+/hr. anyway. And you simply cannot compare a Rolls Royce to a broken down Toyota!

But I know exactly what you're going to think when you see the price tag, currently set at $67.

Why is the Candida Crusher book more expensive than the other Candida books out there?

That's a fair question, but here’s the scoop:

The Other Candida Books on the Market

I haven't read every single Candida book on the market today, but I have read quite a few of them. Most of them start out with the personal story of the person who wrote the book – a story about his or her own struggles with Candida. They talk about their difficulties finding a diagnosis and then use their trial and error experiences to write a book about the things they did to treat Candida, mixed with some additional research. That's all well and good – really, it is. The problem is that the majority of these people have much, if any, medical background at all. They offer a diet plan loosely modelled from every other Candida diet plan out there and then quickly bring this book to the market – for quick profits.

They offer no unique or new methods, and have NO breadth or depth of experience or knowledge. They have not spent years in consultations with tens of thousands of patients with all kinds of yeast infections. Their information is just rehashed information. They don’t have any professional qualifications in health-care and haven’t consulted with many different health care professionals to round out their skill set or knowledge base when it comes to formulating the optimal treatment protocol for Candida yeast infections.

They offer all these other cheap and tacky “bonus” books to entice you, the buyer, books such as “The Healing Power of Water”, “Be Your Own Doctor”, “Nature Cures”, whereas other candida books offer bonuses such as “Herbal Remedies for Stress and Candida”. Well, let me tell you, you won’t need these tacky bonus books, because after reviewing Candida Crusher, it already contains most all of this information! Why get ten books when one comprehensive book over 700 pages in length covers everything you need to know not just about overcoming your Candida yeast infection, but on how to live a healthy life and prevent most chronic illness!

Why the Candida Crusher Book is Different

Dr. Bakker's Candida Crusher book is different from ANY other yeast infection book online, and here’s why:

While it is true that Dr. Bakker, like so many others, struggled with Candida in the past, and had to overcome his own yeast infection more than 25 years ago, he also watched his father struggle for many years as well. But the real difference is that Dr. Bakker has a very strong educational background in medicine and has actually spent more than 20 years studying Candida yeast infection and its treatments in a clinical setting, involving over 15,000 patients. Such an extensive background specializing in one particular illness for such a long period of time can only lead to the development of a highly effective program, one that sets itself miles ahead of ANY other yeast infection treatment plan available – Candida Crusher, the permanent yeast solution.

The Candida Crusher book isn't just a diet plan. It's a very comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about the Candida yeast organism and how it can impact your life. It talks about the relationship between Candida and other major disorders, especially stress adrenal fatigue. The book contains:

  • A comprehensive (fully link clickable) 23 page table of contents
  • More than 25 comprehensive case studies
  • A whole chapter devoted to quick solutions called the Quick Start Guide
  • A 3-stage fast relief treatment for men and women
  • A whole chapter devoted to vaginal yeast infections (worth the price of the book alone)
  • The most effective vaginal yeast infection treatment yet developed, a 2-stage treatment plan
  • Hundreds of answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs)
  • Sections that rebuke most of the myths about yeast infections.
  • How to get the correct diagnosis
  • An extensive chapter on the many and varied signs and symptoms of candida
  • In-depth information about medical testing
  • The most comprehensive information ever seen on Candida functional medicine testing
  • Dr. Bakker’s 8 Home Tests for Yeast Infections – entirely unique information
  • Dr. Bakker’s Candida Symptom Tracker – entirely unique information
  • Dr. Bakker’s Home Test Tracker – entirely unique information
  • The proven 3-stage diet, almost 100 pages alone on candida diet and nutrition
  • The link between Candida, your immune system and stress, almost 50 pages of information.
  • Candida detoxification and cleansing programmes, 31 pages of information.
  • Special Candida foods and the best supplements, over 70 pages of detailed information.
  • Best lifestyle information for those with yeast infections, over 70 pages of information.
  • Over one hundred pages on lifestyle changes, medications, and herbal supplements you can use to treat your condition.
As you can see, we are not talking about 50 pages of information typed in double line spacing, and in the largest font the writer can get away with, with hundreds of images stuffed in there to simply take up space. We're talking about more than seven hundred pages of research done by a naturopathic physician who has dedicated his career to Candida. You won't find anything out there for less that compares in quality. I'm sure of that. You buy all those other e-books on yeast infection, and then buy this monster of a book, and then you will say to yourself: “I shouldn’t have bothered with those other books”

The Candida Crusher Scam Actual Truth

It's unfortunate, but it's true. There are a lot of people on the web today who will tout anything they don't believe in as a scam. Sadly, Dr. Eric Bakker's Candida Crusher book has been called a scam by those who don't believe in the naturopathic or homeopathic approach to healthcare. These ridiculous statements couldn't be any further from the truth.

The Ugly Side of Candida

It is fair to say that there are some reasonable Candida books available today. It's also fair to say that there are many very low-quality products out there as well. Some are based on the idea and concept of Candida, but are written by people looking to simply cash-in on what they view as a marketable niche. Others are based off of real-life experiences and research. While there is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of how to cure Candida, there is certainly plenty of research and consistent information out there if you are looking at reputable sources.

Dr. Eric Bakker and the Candida Crusher Book

Dr. Eric Bakker, ND, is a highly experienced naturopathic physician from New Zealand. I've written about his credentials and experiences already, but there is a lot more to him. His experience as a clinician, writer and natural health researcher is solid and he has grown into a recognized and respected name in the field of naturopathic and integrative medicine. He is an international speaker and presenter and has appeared in quite a number of newspaper and magazine publications, including National Geographic. He has made television appearances and been interviewed on national radio programmes. His online presence is real and genuine as well, you can find him on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. He even has a separate Ask Dr Eric Bakker forum on Cure Zone where he answers questions from anyone who has anything to ask about Candida yeast infections.

Online profiteers and scammers don't have any medical backgrounds, decades of experience and research to back them up, and a strong online social presence, along with many of their own personal You Tube videos. They don’t publically speak about yeast infections, or present to health-care professionals, nor do they have any shred of clinical experience. They just profit from quickly re-writing other people’s works and hide behind websites with pretty pictures.

Further, I believe that Dr. Eric Bakker values his name and integrity much more than the mere $67 for his e-book, Candida Crusher. The price of his book is but a small fraction in cost when compared to the time he has invested into yeast infection treatment and research, over half his life. Dr. Eric Bakker is dedicated to the continual research and treatment of Candida yeast infections and his Candida Crusher book is just a part of what he has to offer those afflicted with this most debilitating condition. Stay tuned for more of what this talented Dr. has to offer those with yeast infections.


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